Journal of Cellular Immunology
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Efficacy of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Alone or in Combination with Ruxolitinib for the Treatment of Penn Class 3 and 4 Cytokine Release Syndrome Complicating COVID-19

J Cell Immunol, 2021, 3, 201 - 206

W. Larry Gluck, Wesley M. Smith, Sean P. Callahan, Robert A. Brevetta, Antine E. Stenbit, Julie C. Martin, Anna V. Blenda, Sergio Arce, W. Jeffery Edenfield

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The Importance of miRNA Identification During Respiratory Viral Infections

J Cell Immunol, 2021, 3, 207 - 214

Ivan Martinez-Espinoza, Ma Del Rocio Banos-Lara, Antonieta Guerrero-Plata

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Review Article

Environmental Enrichment and Its Benefits for Migrai ne: Dendritic Cell Extracellular Vesicles as an Effective Mimetic

J Cell Immunol, 2021, 3, 215 - 225

Kae Myriam Pusic, Lisa Won, Richard Paul Kraig, Aya Darinka Pusic

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Review Article

Immunotherapy for Dogs: Still Running Behind Humans

J Cell Immunol, 2021, 3, 226 - 233

Hans Klingemann

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