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Patrice P. DENEFLE

Chief Scientific Officer


Featured Article

Can Molecular Biomarkers be Utilized to Determine Appropriate Adjuvant Therapy in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)?

Prashanth Ashok Kumar, Alina Basnet, Stephen Graziano

Featured Article

The Natural History of Post-Chikungunya Viral Arthritis Disease Activity and T-cell Immunology: A Cohort Study

Aileen Yu-hen Chang, Alfonso Sucerquia Hernández, Jose Forero-Mejía, Sarah Renee Tritsch, Evelyn Mendoza-Torres, Liliana Encinales, Andres Cadena Bonfanti, Abigale Marie Proctor, Gary Leonard Simon, Samuel Joseph Simmens, Gary Steven Firestein

Featured Article

Essentials of CAR-T Therapy and Associated Microbial Challenges in Long Run Immunotherapy

Muhammad Kalim, Rui Jing, Xin Li, Zhiwu Jiang, Ningbo Zheng, Ziyu Wang, Guo Wei, Yong Lu

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