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Patrice P. DENEFLE

Chief Scientific Officer


Featured Article

Going above and Beyond: Using an Attenuated Herpes Viral Vaccine Vector to Elicit Protective Immune Responses Through Neutralizing and Non-neutralizing Functions of Antibodies

Katherine E. Kaugars, Angelo R. Retamal-Diaz, Anna Paula de Oliveira, Pablo A. Gonzalez, William R. Jacobs Jr.

Featured Article

The Issue of Monocyte Activation in ASD: Troubles with Translation

R.J. Moreno, P. Ashwood

Featured Article

Inulin Supplementation Mitigates Gut Dysbiosis and Brain Impairment Induced by Mild Traumatic Brain Injury during Chronic Phase

Lucille M. Yanckello, Brian Fanelli, Scott McCulloch, Xin Xing, McKenna Sun, Tyler C. Hammond, Rita Colwell, Zezong Gu, Aaron C. Ericsson, Ya-Hsuan Chang, Adam D. Bachstetter, Ai-Ling Lin

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