About Us

Who are we?

Scientific Archives is a global publisher initiated with the mission of ensuring equal opportunity for accessing science to research community all over the world. Spreading research findings with great relevance to all channels without any barrier is our goal. We want to overcome the challenges of  Open Access with ensured quality and transparency.

Why to publish with us?

  • We have 26 journals specialized in major streams of Medicine, Science and Technology.
  • We analyze the quality of your article through peer review conducted by our expert editorial and review board members. We offer an unparalleled publishing experience to the authors by our services such as “Easy-Submit”- making your article submission process easy, “Journal-suggest” where our in-house editors will suggest you the best suitable journals and “Re-evaluate” where we provide effective comments for all rejected submissions.
  • We provide permanent archiving to your articles with a DOI number. Articles published in our journals will have enhanced visibility and universal reach through indexing in various databases such as Google Scholar.
  •  All Scientific archives journals are Open Access and available for self-archiving. Articles will be available online in PDF and HTML formats. Online electronic re-prints as well as hard copies will be provided to authors upon their request.

Our Publishing Model

Scientific archives is a peer reviewed open access publisher with a motto of redefining science through gold open access model. We are strong supporters of open access model with great values and transparency. Our model runs through the collaborative forum where peer scientists from different parts of the world will evaluate and exchange their ideas about the submissions.

Scientific archive’s model of peer review attempts to resolve most of the debates and challenges on open access journals through unequivocal process. The Scientific Archives works on author pay model (Gold Open Access) where the accepted articles will be subjected to standard article processing charges. This academic publisher runs on authors and institutional support where they incur the costs of publishing article online.

The works published with Scientific Archives are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY-NC) where the authors agree for the reuse, download, distribution of the article in whole or part (for non-commercial purposes) by mentioning proper credits to the authors and publisher. The author retains copyright in the work but grants Scientific Archives the sole and exclusive right for commercial use of the author’s published paper. All commercial or any other re-use of the published article should be referred to Scientific Archives.