Journal Metrics

Impact Factor 

Journal of Cellular Immunology is indexed in Exaly. Exaly is a non-profit and commercially disinterested comprehensive scholarly search engine. It was initiated as a research project and its stated goal is to provide all the services researchers need in one place and make them freely available to everyone. The impact factor of the Journal of Cellular Immunology as calculated by Exaly is 1.9. For more information please visit Exaly website by clicking here.

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate is a journal metric of how many submissions are accepted for publication against how many are submitted. The acceptance rates may vary between 60-70%; older journals and multidisciplinary journals will have lower acceptance rates than newer journals and special journals on a narrow topic.

Journal acceptance rates should not be used as an article evaluation metric as there is no clear evidence that acceptance rates are a reliable indicator of quality. If you submit a good paper, then it is not the acceptance rate that is important for you but the peer-review & decision times.

Time to Desk Decision

Desk decision is a process of initial article evaluation by editor upon submission and before the peer-review process. The article will be assessed for plagiarism, scope of the article, writing quality, significance & novelty, ethicality.

‘Journal of Cellular Immunology’ follows 2 business days desk decision policy. If the desk decision is positive, then the article enters peer-review process immediately. If the article did not clear the desk decision, the corresponding author will be informed about the decisions along with the reason.

Submission to first decision

Considering the importance of the articles submitted, Scientific Archives follows rapid review process. This allows the journals to deliver decision of the first round of peer-review process at the earliest possible.

‘Journal of Cellular Immunology’ delivers its first review decision on the submitted article in 21 average days. Authors should note that the timing vary based on length of the article, availability of reviewers, and several other factors. Special issues articles may have different timeline that this based on respective issue handling editor’s interest.


Submission to final decision

Scientific Archives aims to provide authors with a quick decision with its rapid review and quick turn-around timelines. Reviewers are given a tight deadline to review the manuscript, so does the authors for revise.

‘Journal of Cellular Immunology’ takes average of 42 days to deliver its final editorial decision on the article. Individual article timelines may vary based on factors such as review delay, revision delay, final language check, and others.

Acceptance to publication

Once the final editorial decision is made, it will be intimated to the author immediately. The respective article files will be sent to the production department for building the proofs. Once the proof is approved, the article will be available online at the earliest in full citable format along with DOI.

‘Journal of Cellular Immunology’ follows 7 days acceptance to publication policy; all the accepted articles by the journal will be available online in less than 7 days. However, this timeline may vary depending on the proof returning time, amendments in the proof, and financial confirmations of the article.

Article Downloads & Views

Getting people reading and engaging with journal articles is a key for the success of the journal. Open access publishing may reach more readers than subscription access publishing. To make this very clear, the ‘Journal of Cellular Immunology’ lists how many times its articles were downloaded and viewed. This number accounts for the total articles published by the journal so far. Individual article’s downloads & views reports are available at respective article page and/or issue page.

Please be noted that the total number of views will always be higher than downloads as most authors access the webpage of the article rather than downloadable PDF version. Also, there are several factors such as SEO optimization, promotion and marketing of the article can influence the views of the article.

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