Archives of Gastroenterology Research
ISSN: 2692-5427

Articles in Press


Oral Lactulose – A Safe and Effective Strategy for the Management of Constipation in Individuals with Impaired Glucose Tolerance and Diabetes

Arch Gastroenterol Res, 2022, 3, 1 - 8

Valentin Faerber, Katharina Stefanie Kuhn, Eva Svehlikova, Angelika Kuchinka-Koch, Thomas R Pieber


Case Report

Gastric GIST with 13 kg in Asymptomatic Patient: A Rare Case of Giant GIST and Literature Review

Arch Gastroenterol Res, 2022, 3, 9 - 17

Flávio Silano, Ricardo Bandeira de Melo Amaral, Vanessa Costa Neves, Rodolfo Carvalho Santana, Paulo Cezar  Galvão do Amaral


Short Communication

New Trends in Interrelation of Infectious Colorectal Cancer with Intestinal Microbiota

Arch Gastroenterol Res, 2022, 3, 18 - 22

Vishnu P. Tripathi, Daniel Goo, Bokyo N Maidya, M K Aneebuddin


Short Communication

Elucidating the Role of Chemokines in Infectious Diseases and Gastric Cancer

Arch Gastroenterol Res, 2022, 3, 23 - 26

Vishnu P. Tripathi, Haamza Ahmed, Naidia Renulos, M K Aneebuddin