Journal of Cancer Immunology
ISSN: 2689-968X

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cancer Care: Current Applications and Future Perspectives

J Cancer Immunol, 2020, 2, 35 - 36

Sachin Kumar Deshmukh

[DOI No.: 10.33696/cancerimmunol.2.011]

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Aerosol Distribution Pattern of a Single-port Device: New Perspective Treatment for Peritoneal Carcinomatosis in Brazil

J Cancer Immunol, 2020, 2, 37 - 39

Rafael Seitenfus

[DOI No.: 10.33696/cancerimmunol.2.012]

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Protein Therapeutics from Monolayer to Spheroids- A Model for Preclinical Investigations

J Cancer Immunol, 2020, 2, 40 - 43

Neha Arora,Siddhartha Sankar Ghosh

[DOI No.: 10.33696/cancerimmunol.2.013]

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Verrucous Carcinoma of the Esophagus: Its Unique Etiology and Association with Human Papilloma Virus

J Cancer Immunol, 2020, 2, 44 - 51

Satoshi Tabuchi, Kazuo Koyanagi, Soji Ozawa, Shigeyuki Kawachi

[DOI No.: 10.33696/cancerimmunol.2.014]

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Research Article

Involvement of D-Loop Mutations in the Occurrence of Ovarian Carcinoma

J Cancer Immunol, 2020, 2, 52 - 59

Oumar Mane, Fatimata Mbaye, Mbacké Sembene

[DOI No.: 10.33696/cancerimmunol.2.015]

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