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William James Maloney

NYU College of Dentistry, USA

Featured Article

Expression and Regulation of FNDC5/irisin in Periodontium and Dental Pulp

Yang Y, Reseland JE, Helen Pullisaar

Featured Article

The Involvement of 18 kDa Translocator Protein (TSPO) in Cigarette Smoke-related Diseases: A Review

Nidal Zeineh, Abraham Weizman, Moshe Gavish

Featured Article

A Clinical Audit on the Follow-up Rate and Endodontic Outcome of Root Canal Therapy Performed by Dental Undergraduates

Michelle Kher Wei Chua, Abhishek Parolia, Hey Chiann Wong, Siew Wei Tan, Zhi Meng Tan, Yuxuan Ooi, Wilson Wee Ser Seah, Allan Pau

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