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Volume 1 | Issue 1 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.33696/Gastroenterology.1.005

The Potential Role of SEPT6 in Liver Fibrosis and Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • 1Department of Medicine II, Liver Center Munich, University Hospital, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Munich, Germany
  • 2Comprehensive Cancer Center München TUM, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany
  • 3Institute of Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases, Department of Gastroenterology, Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei 430030, China
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Corresponding Author

Yuhui Fan, fanyuhui123@126.com  

 Mei Liu, TJliumei@yeah.net

Received Date: May 19, 2020

Accepted Date: May 26, 2020

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