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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.33696/Pharmacol.3.022

COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Test Results and their Associations with Certain Factors Among the Residents of Balochistan

  • 1Department of Health, FELTP Pakistan, Quetta, Pakistan
  • 2Department of Health, WHO, Quetta, Pakistan
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Corresponding Author

Muhammad Arif, arifnasr@gmail.com

Received Date: December 17, 2020

Accepted Date: March 24, 2021


Background: This paper analyses any possible association of various factors like gender, last COVID-19 PCR test results, BCG Vaccination, Seasonal Flu vaccination, occupation and confirmed case contact history with COVID-19 RDT results of the participants. COVID-19 will soon become endemic in Pakistan, the government should adopt COVID-19 RDT kits for trace, test and quarantine activities.

Methodology: Considering the availability of COVI-19 rapid diagnostic kits, 596 individuals all previously COVID-19 PCR tested were made part of this cross-sectional study. Simple random sampling was used for the selection of study participants. The whole study was conducted during September and October 2020.

Results: The major findings of this study are clearly showing that the Positive Likely hood ratio of the COVID-19 RDT Kits (LR+) is well above 1; similarly, the negative Likely hood ratio is approaching 0. On the other hand, the sensitivity and specificity 80% and 74% respectively. Similarly, study found statistically significant association was between RDT out comes and last PCR Test status, occupation and contact with COVID-19 positive individuals. While other variables like gender, BCG vaccination and history of seasonal flu vaccinations were found to have no significant associations with COVID-19 RDT Kit out comes.

Conclusion: Being the first study of its kind in Pakistan the major findings of this study are almost in line with the set hypothesis and objectives of this study and based on study findings it will be of high value to use COVID-19 RDT kits during mass screening especially during test, trace and quarantine activities.


COVID-19, RDT (Rapid Diagnostic test), PCR, Positive and negative likely hood ratios

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