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Volume 1 | Issue 2 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.33696/immunology.1.007

TNFAIP8: Inflammation, Immunity and Human Diseases

  • 1Julius L. Chambers Biomedical Biotechnology Research Institute, North Carolina Central University Durham, NC 27707, USA
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Corresponding Author

Deepak Kumar, dkumar@nccu.edu

Received Date: September 21, 2019

Accepted Date: October 07, 2019


Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-induced protein 8 (TNFAIP8 /TIPE) family proteins are known to be involved in maintaining immune homeostasis. The TIPE family contains four members: tumor necrosis factor-α-induced protein 8 (TNFAIP8), TNFAIP8 like 1 (TIPE1), TNFAIP8 like 2 (TIPE2), and TNFAIP8 like 3 (TIPE3). Here we review the latest roles and associations of a founding member of TIPE family protein - TNFAIP8 in cellular function/signaling, inflammation, and immunity related human diseases.


TNFAIP8, Inflammation, Immunity

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