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Volume 4 | Issue 1 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.33696/Pharmacol.4.032

Co-intervention of an Immune Modulator - SIVA Herbal Drops versus Treatment Outcome

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Corresponding Author

Amruthavalli GV, amruthavalli_gv@jrkresearch.com

Received Date: December 07, 2021

Accepted Date: May 10, 2022


S.I.V.A herbal drops are a poly herbal preparation in drops formulation. It is indicated in the immune modulating benefit. The in vitro studies have established its activity of boosting phagocyted based immunity. In the present study the immune boosting efficacy of S.I.V.A herbal drops in infectious disease conditions was evaluated in the human subjects in Apollo Wellness Plus Centre and Apollo Children’s Hospital between 2009-2010.

The study is planned in three different treatment regimens.

  1. S.I.V.A herbal drops + Dr. JRK’s 777 oil in Psoriasis
  2. Co-intervention of SIVA in the treatment outcome of antibiotic treatment
  3. Co-intervention of SIVA in the treatment outcome of antifungal therapy

In all the clinical evaluations, inclusion of S.I.V.A herbal drops in the regular treatment regimen has given greater improvement in clinical condition compared to standalone therapy. Complete details are discussed in the present paper.

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