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Volume 2 | Issue 1 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.33696/dentistry.2.010

A Clinical Audit on the Follow-up Rate and Endodontic Outcome of Root Canal Therapy Performed by Dental Undergraduates

  • 1School of Dentistry, International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Corresponding Author

Abhishek Parolia, abhishek_parolia@imu.edu.my

Received Date: July 28, 2020

Accepted Date: August 21, 2020


Aims: To identify follow-up rate and evaluate the endodontic outcome and their association with technical quality of root canal therapy (RCT) done by dental undergraduates.

Method: Technical quality of RCT and follow-up rate visits of 350 teeth from 272 patients after RCT done by dental undergraduates were evaluated retrospectively from year 2012 to 2015 using the electronic records. These patients were recalled to assess the clinical, radiographic and overall endodontic outcome. Clinical and radiographic examinations were done following the criteria in compliance with standards guidelines. Each RCT was considered successful when clinical and radiographical findings were satisfactory. Association between technical quality of RCT and endodontic outcome was analysed using chi-square test.

Results: The retrospective electronic records revealed only 16% of follow-up rate and 59 (21.7%) patients attended the recall visits and 90 teeth (25.7%) of these patients were assessed. The clinical, radiographic, endodontic success, and acceptable technical quality of RCT were observed in 72.2%, 85.6%, 60.7%, and 51.1% respectively. There was no significant association observed in between technical quality of RCT and endodontic outcome (p=0.10).

Conclusions: The follow-up rate visits done by dental undergraduates after completion of RCT was low. The success rate of RCT performed by dental undergraduates was 66.7% with no significant association in between the technical quality of RCT and endodontic outcome.


Clinical audit, Endodontic follow-up, Endodontic outcome, Technical quality


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