Archives of Cancer Biology and Therapy is an international publication compiling molecular, cellular and therapeutic aspects of cancer research. The journal deals with the updated research findings on biological processes associated with cancer as well as new advancements in cancer treatment, prevention and screening. The journal publishes original research, reviews, case studies, commentaries, perspectives, with great scientific significance. We are aiming to propagate the advanced findings in cancer research to oncology research groups worldwide.

Aims and Scope

Archives of Cancer Biology and Therapy is intended to publish latest discoveries in the field of cancer. We welcome researchers, academicians, and clinicians to publish their latest impactful discoveries in our journal.

The journal covers a wide range of topics including:

  • General Oncology
  • Cellular Oncology
  • Molecular Study of Cancer
  • Cancer Cell Biology
  • Clinical and Basic Immunology of Cancer
  • Cancer Pathogenesis
  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Cancer Genomics
  • Targeted Cancer Therapies
  • Organ Specific Cancers
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Cancer Pharmaceutics
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Cancer Risks
  • Biophysics of Cancer
  • Cancer Metastasis
  • Signal Transduction Pathways in Cancer Progression
  • Preclinical Studies and Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Surgical Oncology
  •  Oncoradiology and Nuclear Medicine
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