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Flat Grounding by Consciousness of Plantar Triangle with Decreased Impact

In recent years, various discussions, disagreements and opinions are seen in the field of athletics. For example, in long distance such as marathon, the recommended way of running has changed. In other words, it has been said that landing with the heel is good before, but recently there is some information that the first-class runner is landing on the toe

Physiotherapy Research in a Danish University Hospital: A Retrospective Review, 2010-2018

Patients of all ages with motor disorders expect highquality assessments and evidence- based treatment [1]. In university hospitals, alongside medical training and treatment of patients, research [2] is an integral part of the skills for medical professionals e.g. doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Introducing the New Journal in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

It gives us great pleasure to introduce readers with our international peer-reviewed, open access journal. Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is devoted to publish original research, reviews, and clinical reports on key areas of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and related fields.

Motor Imagery in Facial Palsy Rehabilitation

Intentional facial expression of emotion named facial mimic is critical to healthy social interactions. Psychological and functional implications of the facial paralysis present a devastating management problem to patients afflicted because their face have an important challenge of facial muscles that are fundamental also for affective communication

STARTTS Capoeira Angola Project Bantu: Combining Alternative Therapeutic Intervention with Sport for Traumatized Young Refugees: On the Way to Recovery

During the last decade, the world experienced an incredible increase in displaced populations; a staggering 70.8 million, which has been a direct outcome of war and human rights violations. This figure includes 25.9 million having been identified as refugees, and 51% constituting children below 18 years of age which has been documented as the highest figure in a decade