Journal of Experimental Pathology
ISSN: 2694-5061

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Case Report

Liposarcoma of Laryngeal Vallecula

J Exp Pathol, 2020, 1, 45 - 49

Garima Rawat, Hema Malini Aiyer

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Review Article

Acellular Dermal Matrix in Prosthetic Breast Reconstructive Surgery with Prepectoral Technique: A Literature Review

J Exp Pathol, 2020, 1, 50 - 59

Capuano I, Bernardini R, Varvaras D, Mattei M

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Research Article

Succinate Accumulation Links Mitochondrial MnSOD Depletion to Aberrant Nuclear DNA Methylation and Altered Cell Fate

J Exp Pathol, 2020, 1, 60 - 70

Kimberly L. Cramer-Morales, Collin D. Heer, Kranti A. Mapuskar, Frederick E.Domann

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Mechanistic and Translational Advances Using iPSC-Derived Blood Cells

J Exp Pathol, 2020, 1, 36 - 44

Christopher S Thom, Stella T Chou, Deborah L French

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Research Article

Antifungal Effects of PC945, a Novel Inhaled Triazole, on Candida albicans Pulmonary Infection in Immunocompromised Mice

J Exp Pathol, 2021, 2, 1 - 15

Yuki Nishimoto, Kazuhiro Ito2, Genki Kimura, Kirstie A. Lucas, Leah Daly, Pete Strong, Yasuo Kizawa