Journal of Cellular Immunology (ISSN : 2689-2812)
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Vivek Peche

Department of Medicine

Washington University


Academic Editor


Dr. Peche is a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist. His area of research includes Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic diseases, Neurological disorders and Skin Biology. Dr Peche is the first researcher to elucidate the in vivo role of Cyclase associated proteins in an organism. Based on Dr. Peche's work, several mutations in this gene were subsequently identified in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Peche holds a doctorate degree from University of Cologne, Germany which was followed by postdoc. He also served as a group leader at University of Cologne, Germany. At present he is at Washington University in St Louis in the Department of Medicine in St Louis, USA.

Research Interest

Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Diseases, Neurological Disorders and Skin Biology