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Sukriye Karadayi

Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques

University of Altinbas


Academic Editor


Dr. Sukriye Karadayi is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques/ Vocational at University of Altinbas Istanbul, Turkey. She worked as a Laboratory chief for Microbiology Laboratory, Government Public Health Laboratory Istanbul, in (2008-2017). Dr. Sukriye obtained her BSc., Biology Degree in (2000), MSc., Forensic Sciences in (2005), and Ph.D., Forensic Sciences in (2011) from University of Istanbul Turkey. She is awarded with Academic Excellence Award in 2018 from Altinbas University. and Best Poster Award in 2013 at 15 th Meeting of the International association of the Craniofacial. She is a member in the Association of Forensic Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey.

Research Interest

Dr. Sukriye Karadayi research interest involves in Forensic Identification in Sexual Assault: Microbiome Analysis with the New Generation Sequencing Techniques, and Obtaining S. aureus-targeted nanoformulations containing vancomycin and oxacillin and evaluating their antibacterial activity in vitro-in vivo.