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Shivesh Kumar

Department of Biochemistry

Duke University


Academic Editor


Dr. Shivesh Kumar received his Ph.D. in the field of structural biology  from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He did postdoctoral  training at Purdue University, where he worked on KdpD-KdpE  two-component system and deciphered the first crystal structure of  full-length response regulator in complex with its cognate DNA. Currently, he is advancing his research experience at Duke University to understand the structure-function relation of macromolecular complexes using multiple biophysical and biochemical approaches. His research experience includes protein biochemistry, macromolecular X-ray  crystallography, eukaryotic protein expression system using insect cells and mammalian cells.

Research Interest

Macromolecular structure and function, protein X-ray crystallography, protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions, to study protein assembly using cryo-EM technique. Cell signaling and cancer.