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Narendra Kumar Sharma

Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology

Banasthali University


Academic Editor


Dr. Narendra Kumar Sharma is working as Assistant Professor at the Department of Biosciences and Biotechnology of the Banasthali University, India.  He has done PhD from Defence Institute of Physiology And Allied Sciences, Delhi, India. His work was focused to proteomics in hypoxia model and he has identified several biomarkers of high altitude related alterations. He did postdoctoral training at Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he worked on clinical proteomics for septic survivors and non-survivors. He also worked as postdoctoral fellow in Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health, CAS, China, where he worked in the field of post-translational modification in Parkinson disease with genome editing using CRISPR-CAS system. His research experience includes Gel and LC based proteomics including quantitative proteomics (iTRAQ, SILAC, TMT etc), protein biochemistry, signaling pathway, protein-protein interaction, regenerative medicine, infectious disease, oxidative stress, genome editing and molecular biology. He has published his work in various high impact journals and author of several book chapters and book.

Research Interest

Hypoxia and oxidative stress, quantitative and redox proteomics, biomarkers, clinical proteomics, post-translational modification, reprogramming of cell and cellular signaling