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Mao Enqiang

Department of Emergency

Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine


Academic Editor


Dr. Mao Enqiang is currently working an Professor in the Department of Emergency at Ruijin Hospital, affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, China. And he is also the Director of Teaching and Research Office, Ruijin Hospital. He have taken the degree in Medicine in 1992 and the specialization in Surgery Medicine in 1995. Mao have long been engaged in clinical and scientific research work of acute and critical disease of international medicine and surgery. He have a lot of insights in the treatment of acute pancreatitis (AP), and he participated in writing Guidelines for the Diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis, International Society for Pancreatitis in 2013. “Strategy for severe acute pancreatitis(Ruijin Regimen)” was proposed and developed with remarkable results. He have won Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award (First Class), Science and Technology Advancement Award by the Ministry of Education (second class), and Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Award (First Class). And he published  More than 150 medical treatises and papers, which including more than 60 articles as the first author and correspondence author. He has acquired more than 20 scientific research projects as the state and municipal level.

Research Interest

His main areas of research include Sepsis, Acute pancreatitis, Fluid resuscitation and Cytokines. Especially to mechanism of Shock, Sepsis and management of severe Acute Pancreatitis.