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It Meng LOW

Applied Physics

Curtin University


Academic Editor


It Low is Professor in Applied Physics at Curtin University, Australia since 2011. He worked as an Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer in Applied Physics from 1989 at Curtin University. He was awarded a Postdoctoral fellowship in Mechanical Engineering (Advisor: Prof. Y-W Mai) from the University of Sydney in 1986-87. He received Ph.D. Degree in Materials Engineering - Thesis: Crystallisation of Gels (Advisor: A/Prof. R. McPherson) from Monash University in 1987. He received his B. Eng (Honours) in Materials Engineering, Monash University in 1983. Over 230 archival research papers, books, and book chapters have been produced, and in excess of 3207 citations have been received. His H-index is 30 with more than 10 citations per paper. 

Research Interest

Synthesis and characterization of MAX phases, UHTCs, advanced ceramics, and composite materials. Polymer-matrix and ceramic-matrix composites. Natural fiber-reinforced geopolymer and cement composites. Nanostructured TiO2 and ZnO for energy harvesting and sensor applications. Superconducting solar energy harvesting and storage.