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Hala F. Bastawros

Department of Genetic, Development and Cell Biology

Iowa State University


Academic Editor


Dr. Bastawros received her M.D. in 1992 from Cairo University School of medicine, Cairo, Egypt and has received her USA Medical Certificate in 1999. She has practiced internal medicine for several years in many teaching facilitates. Dr. Bastawros taught clinical signs, pathophysiology and the proper management of various diseases at Cairo, Egypt. She had advised a lot of medical students during their medical rotation. Dr. Bastawros has also taught basic science focusing on Human Anatomy lectures and laboratory management at Des Moines Community College, Newton Campus. In 2008, Dr. Bastawros joined the faculty at Iowa State University as a lecturer and she is developing, with other ISU colleges, a new course in Bio-Mechanics for undergraduate Bio-Engineer minor.

Research Interest