Journal of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials (ISSN : 2692-630X)
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Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Connecticut


Academic Editor


Dr. Chaudhuri holds Assistant Professor positions in the Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Institute of Material Sciences (IMS) at the University of Connecticut. He is formally trained in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines and focuses on solving problems of pharmaceutical significance with the rigor of engineering approaches. Dr. Chaudhuri’s research program is primarily focused on unraveling the behavior of granular material which poses fundamental conceptual challenges. Granular flow impacts numerous unit operations pertinent to pharmaceutical manufacturing and further study is needed to better understand how it will impact these operations. Dr. Chaudhuri and his graduate and undergraduate students are involved in using fundamental knowledge of granular mechanics to understand, design, model, and scale-up various unit operations such as coating, milling, drying, granulation, mixing, and tableting which are key processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Research Interest

Dr. Chaudhuri’s other research interests are in the areas of multiscale modeling of biological systems. His focus is on the development of high-performance molecular modeling algorithms to gain a fundamental understanding of nanoscale transport and thermodynamics. He intends to employ numerical tools and mathematical approaches to integrate models from micro-scales to macro-scales in a seamless fashion to build quantitatively predictive models of complex biological behaviors such as transdermal drug delivery, pulmonary activity, and cancer.